INCO in China

You are invited to learn about our activities in China

 Since 1996, INCO is extensively active in China, by representing over 20 Chinese companies, in Europe and the Middle East. INCO was the first company in it’s industry in Israel, to establish business collaboration with Chinese industries by representing them as an agent, and has built up together with its Chinese partners, many successful new projects in these markets.

The INCO team members have vast experience in the Chinese market and are well connected with leading chinese companies, which compete with the world`s top quality industries. INCO supports it customers by locating new sources of supply from China, and is focuses on creating value for the customers, by saving them the efforts and resources needed in looking for new sources of supply in China.

Partners in China

 INCO also functions as a gateway for its Chinese partners to Europe and the Middle East, by connecting them to the market, supporting them all along the way and practically by serving as their representatives in these markets.

Today INCO has expanded its activities in China by working with Chinese partners, whom are experts in the local market. This enables the company to be exposed to additional opportunities in China, and to offer the customers better services and financial benefits from this collaboration.

The INCO team members frequently visit China, and give the customers and the Chinese suppliers a full support during the negotiations, the financial and technical discussions and afterwards by accompanying the projects.